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Project 30-2246ST

Greystone Land is the land acquisition division of Sankey Development Corporation. We are dedicated to securing quality real estate for fine custom homes and cabins. Our lots are selected for buildability. The choice of appropriate land is a complex endeavor requiring an understanding of the requirements for the construction of attractive and functional structures. We know each lot, have surveyed it and researched it, know its attributes.

Project 48-8799RM

We look at all aspects of the building process in our selection of appropriate parcels. Our personal involvement with the land allows us to answer practical questions, such as: Is there easy access? Are utilities (e.g. power, water, sewer) available? What is the slope and what kind of building does it accept? Are there local ordinances and/or restrictions we must consider? Is there a view, and how should a house be placed to take advantage of that?

Project 32-0879Q

There are many factors which go into the construction of a home. Finding the right lot is the first function of Greystone Land. Sankey Development Corporation takes this one step farther by creating the best use of that lot using our knowledge and abilities to place a unique and suitable home upon it.

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