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We Have Spent More Then Thirty Years roaming around the Western United States looking at properties. We look for well placed, interesting, build-able properties that are affordable to the average person, then we make them available to you.

Easy Financing is Available. There are two economies in this country, one for the wealthy, where loans are easy to obtain and then another for the rest of us. With a simple 20% down, low payments and no credit check necessary, these properties are within reach for most all of us.

So Take a Look at what we have up for sale, there are not a lot of properties, but they are good ones. If you have any questions regarding a certain piece of property, just want additional information or would like to make an offer, then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you. Also if you have a house or lot you may want to sell, we would be interested, so drop a line and we can talk.

Thanks for Taking the Time to visit us here at GreystoneLand and I hope we can help you out ~ either now or in the future.

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