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Welcome to Sankey Development Corporation, a builder of quality, custom and spec homes. With SanDevCo's Build to Order experience, you'll enjoy high-quality construction, unique architecture, dedicated customer service and design features from trusted brands that all come together to create your one-of-a-kind home.

Vista Clara Blvd

We strive to design and build new homes of the highest quality and architectural excellence. Building a custom home is an extremely fulfilling endeavor. Seeing the design choices you requested being built to your individual specifications insure this one was designed especially for you. With our large selection of available plans you will have many unique designs to select from. Light, earth and wind are all taken into account before the final plan set or placement of the structure is finalized. We strive to incorporate the surrounding environmental aspects of the lot to create a satisfying result.

Alpina Property

As a private company, we are quick and decisive. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than our approach to purchasing land. Our dedicated Land Department makes their own buying decisions. We are not encumbered by a top heavy Management structure. We are pro-active and responsive to land deals where others might procrastinate or hesitate. We are committed to quality. Land values are maximized because of our meticulous attention to detail, careful development planning and close working relationships with Local Authorities.

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